Special Days amid the Married Days


In the dating period, birthdays, Valentine’s days, anniversaries, and many other special days are really special. Once married, they become.. Monday, Tuesday – or Wednesday, depending on which day they fall on the calendar.

They say the ‘promotion period is over’, if you know what I mean ;).

My husband turns 30 today. And it is Saturday.

Well it was supposed to be just like any other Saturdays before I thought maybe, probably, something could be done to turn it into a more special Saturday. To be honest, I had already convinced myself to just leave it and let it be a Saturday. There are soooo many valid excuses for a busy mom like me not to add anything extra into my plate which already is full to the brim. And any extra expenditure on unnecessary gift would not be wise to our finance (and because he is the bread-winner, the thought of spending the money he earned on some birthday gift for him is a bit strange to me). And anyway I told him about my thought of this matter, and he said that he was fine with it, there was no need for anything fancy. And the list of defense goes on. And, perhaps, it was the lazy me..

I thought about it for some time. Very likely it was the lazy me.

The plate is not as full as I thought, if I am willing to squeeze some things surely there is still ample space. It’s not like I am throwing a grand birthday party. And about buying gift for him using the resources from him, I shall wish that my kids would do the same for me in the future (it must be sweet to see them come to you and ask money from you to buy you a present!), and for many many times hopefully. Isn’t it the same principal with our offering back ourselves, resources and soul, to our Heavenly Father? All the resources we have is given by Him, none is self-achieved. We offer them back to Him as a token of gratitude, token of love.

So we gave it a go, Baby and I sneaked out from home when Daddy is out working. Daddy loves sweets so we bought him chocolate (they did the wrapping for us too! :)). It was simple, it was possible. I hid the gift in the fridge and intended to surprise him when he opened the fridge door first thing in the morning.

Did I succeed? I think so.. the night before his birthday (of all days!), he suddenly wanted to tally our expenditure’s record with the bank’s account balance. I used NETS for the purchase and inevitably he found out about it. But he was sweet enough to let the surprise still be a surprise.

Lesson learned: secret makes good friends with cash. I will be sure to remember it for the next ones, many more special days to come apparently!

Happy birthday, Love. Indeed a happy wife I am.


What are the special things you do for your loved ones for those special days?

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