Kitchen Business Made Easier – Philips Airfryer

I love fried foods, I should have said I loooooooooveeeeeeee fried foods, I have loved them for as long as I can remember, you know, french fries, crispy drumlets, nuggets and the gangs. As much as I looooooveeee them however, there are at least 2 reasons why I can not have them as often as I wish. First being their oil-fried-nature-of-unhealthiness (with all the cancer related articles bouncing everywhere) and second being my phobia for standing near the pan with hot oil splashing around, add a baby in the house and I turn paranoid *Baby, OUTTTTT of kitchen!*. Having a machine to produce those heavenly fried stuff minus the oil and the scary frying process was my childhood imagination.

Thanks to Philips, and of course thanks to hubby! Imagination is now a reality!
Okay I am talking about Philips Airfryer here.

The name says it all, it’s air not oil *yay!*. Well actually for best result, some of the food fried in there need some oil, just a little bit. Although compared to the traditional way of frying, the taste is slightly compromised, I think that it is still better and healthier than having them entirely dipped into the hot oil.


We have had the Airfryer in the kitchen for a year now and we are still happy with it (plus we got it at 30% discount so that made a happy start too). When we have fried dish on the menu, I do almost all of them with it (am going to post more of them soon, stay tuned!). This also means less cleaning for me as there is not much oil stain on the floor from cooking and did I mention that the removable drawer and food basket is dishwasher safe? Even without dishwasher the washing done for the Airfryer is still minimal because you can line the drawer or basket base with aluminium foil so any drippings will be retained in the foil.

af3Now as awesome as I hope it to be, there are some things that do not go too well with the Philips Airfryer.

I figured out prawns and eggtofu do not turn out well fried in it. The Airfryer can not do wet coating/batter either. And with its frying capacity of only 800 grams (make that less, mind you, for if you pack it full the food will not turn out crispy and may not be cooked evenly), it obviously takes up too much kitchen space.

If you already have an oven, Airfryer may not add much value since it seems like an oven can do most of what the Airfryer does.

But all in all, it’s a worthy kitchen assistant to me. Do share in the comments section what awesome stuff you do with the Airfryer, we’d love to hear more great ideas and inputs from fellow air-fryers!


Meanwhile, let’s check out what’s airfrying right now =)

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