One Little Step to Independence, One Little Step to Letting Go

My eleven-month-old baby girl has started taking her little steps on this beautiful blue planet.


Here comes Baby Kana, the Little Explorer. Subduing the earth soon!

Isn’t it cute to see her toddling and swaying with her oversized-diapered-bottom? Hehe 😉

While yes, what a proud Mama I am , I can’t help but feel a bit ‘sad’ about the fleeting of the moment. A bit ‘worried’, too. (Well, I foresee lots of worries coming, part of a mom’s life, yeah?)

Right now, she is still holding onto one of my hands to guide her toddling around. In the past week, it was my both hands. Eleven months ago, I have her whole in my arms. And I feel, that very soon, she will no longer be. She will be on her own, off my hands.

Maybe, once in a while, I will still be carrying her, holding her hands. But surely, and the time is coming fast, I will no longer be able to carry her (she might be too big for me, or she might not want to be carried anymore, whichever comes first), I will only be able to watch her running around, and eventually I will only be able to watch her and let her go, into the world, on her own steps.

If there is no Loving Fatherly God out there to whom I can entrust my dear daughter, there will never be rest found for this poor heart of a mother. When this mother can no longer both-handedly hold her baby daughter, I know she is wholly body and soul in the hands of the Heavenly Father. And I rest in this thought.

Nevertheless, do slow down Baby. Let Mama hold your hands a little bit longer..


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