One Year into Motherhood

Somebaby is turning one! Some-mother is already a mother for one year too!

Looking back at all her pictures from the day Baby was born, we just can’t thank God enough for His faithful providence and grace. It is truly only by God’s grace are we able to stand to this one year milestone.

I thought a photo montage would be nice, to capture the array of the precious moments and milestones into one line to remember.

While arranging the photo montage and counting the blessings of God during our parenting journey, there is another blessing I have come to realize, one which is kind of personal for me.. 🙂

I used to dream that I will one day tell great stories to children through wonderful drawings and animated cartoons (yes, I am very very much inspired by Doraemon, Dragonball, One Piece and many great works of the likes). I got my Degree in Multimedia Design some 4 years ago. Worked for 3 years in the creative and design line and dealt with varieties of clients.

Speaking about balancing the pursuit of dream and motherhood, I think, my dream does not end the day I saw the test kit turned positive. Now that I am a mom to a one year old, the skills I learned during my degree years are not left to rust in the sink, the career I started doesn’t get halted by the piles of diapers or stuffed toys. Instead, I see it getting another step closer to reality. With better client. One whom I love dearly. 🙂

Passion and motherhood, God granted me both. And to this I am thankful.

Blessed one year, Baby. Blessed one year, Mommy.

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