First Thing First


I got new great books last two weeks, thanks to Hubby 😉
Lately, with a very active and curious baby around, I had rarely any time for some good reading. You know, when you are a mom with young kid(s) your time is almost never your own heheh..


The titles suggest, especially the first book on top (the first one on my read list too btw!), definitely the very things every mom is curious about. And so I was determined to find time to read about how to shop for time. And thank God I did, hooray!

The book is AWESOME. Go read one yourself to believe it, your soul will thank you (and God, of course)! May I share with you one of the things they wrote in the book that had personally spoken to and challenged my convicted conscience..

It’s about the first thing first.

The top tips on how to shop for time is, according to the authors (who based it on biblical principal apparently), to rise up early. Chapter one and I am down already.

Waking up early in the morning is not my forte, no indeed it’s my weakest point, I resent it to the point that I’ll have difficulty falling asleep if I need to wake up early the next morning.

To desire sleep, maybe too much sleep, has been my struggle for many many years. It’s embarrassing to admit that sleep has been an idol in my heart. Doesn’t sound very serious yeah? Perhaps, precisely because it sounds trivial that I have let the sin linger for too long. Little did I realize the impact it had on my life.

For sleep, I have traded my personal time with the Lord, my opportunity to serve my husband every morning, and my being ready, fit and fresh to greet my baby girl and meet her needs effectively when she woke up in the morning. Yes, I am plagued with feelings of guilt every morning but I keep telling myself, excusing myself, that I will make it when things are better later on, when the baby is older, when the house is more under control, when I have rested enough, which I have to admit finally if I go on this way, chances are it will happen only when the Lord returns!

Need not to say, having my spiritual diet starved, the only natural result to my homemaking is the constant feeling of being overwhelmed with my daily chores, which make complaints felt just as natural as well, not to mention the short span of patience and tolerance towards my husband. Joy? Bearing fruit? You bet. It should have been obvious to me that it is impossible living a christian life apart from the Source. As Lord Jesus had said Himself, “..apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Convicted, I knew it was time to take the radical change.

06.00 o’clock in the morning. That’s my current goal. By right, that should make me an earlier bird than my husband is, but he was on the same resolution too so yeah haha.. I have been walking out of the bedroom to the dining table with my Bible for ten days now while it is still dark outside (note how often this phrase was recorded to describe the waking up time of the spiritual giants in the Bible, it’s not there for vain apparently).

Truth be told, I don’t wake up to the birds singing or some heavenly feeling. In fact, it feels miserable. I think it will still do for many mornings. I earned some pimples on my forehead and a big one on my chin from the sleeping hours cut off. But it is the truth also that the peace and joy and gladness one can experience from sitting at the Lord’s feet do flow into my life every morning and guide me for the rest of the day, everyday! On the practical note, waking up early means I have more time to do my work efficiently as well. Pimples are of small cost! (Fear not, my body adapts to my new habit fast and as I wake up early I go to bed early naturally.)

By God’s help, I seek to faithfully rise up early every morning and witness His grace transforming my life through the meditation of His Word and prayers.

If time is money, it would only be wise to spend it on the best deals. Sleep, apparently, is far too pale in comparison with the Life itself. Don’t you agree?

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