Did Motherhood Rob You of Your Beauty?


Last month my parents came to visit. While we took our morning stroll with Baby, I couldn’t help but notice that my parents were well dressed, looked fresh and much younger than their real age. Dad was carrying Baby with Mom beside him, all smiles, the privilege of being grandparents =). Few steps behind was me, pushing the stroller, in my sweaty-not-yet-showered self. Not my best look. No time that morning, not in most mornings either. (Not that my parents didn’t help with the baby, it’s just most of the morning things need the real mom hehe.)

I laughed half-halfheartedly at the contrast and later that night jokingly told my husband that others who saw us could have mistaken my parents as the real parents and me as the domestic helper.

Often, in motherhood, beautiful is the last thing I feel. It’s difficult to feel beautiful when you are drowned in sweats from the diaper changing to rocking the baby to cleaning the house. It’s not a great feeling.

Ever felt the same way?

Sometimes it becomes a blame game, you know,
on the situation (the too few hours you have for sleep, or shower, or teeth brushing, what? putting on make up??),
on the people (it’s really tempting to see your spouse and children as the problem),
and on self (if only I had tried harder, done better, lost more pounds, and the list goes on..)

We look into the mirror and agree that we now ‘look like mother’.
(I used to find the joke about a woman’s look degrades from the ‘wifey look’ to ‘motherly look’ quite funny, it proves not too funny now haha..)

But before we sink our ‘motherly’ face in despair for the failed pursuit of beauty, maybe we should look up and see how we truly look like in the eyes of the ones in whom our identity as mothers is anchored.

Firstly, in the eyes of God, whom our calling and identity as mothers are from.

Secondly, is in our child(ren)’s, whom our identity and services as mothers are intended to.

This short paragraph from True Beauty can not describe it more beautifully:

”[Motherhood] is difficult, obscure, and messy….You may not feel very beautiful as you change dirty diapers, wipe noses, and wash smelly laundry on three hours of sleep. But who is more beautiful to a child than the woman who cares for him or her? And bringing up children to serve the Lord is precious to our Savior, who said “Let the little children come to me.” ~True Beauty, p. 99

Beautiful! May we be comforted by this truth as we try our best to be beautiful in the sight of God and our children (spouse absolutely included too!).

So Mommies, you are most beautiful.. for you know where to look and what to put on.

Happy mother’s day! 🙂

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