The Important Thing


It’s late in the afternoon, the house is still in a mess, and I am tired of the situation.

Young Missy does not fancy the idea of self entertaining in the playpen and she makes sure to announce her disliking really loudly. Meanwhile, Big Missy is demanding for her fifth copy of the day of Mommy’s Joseph in his many colored robe, with the jealous brothers in the background, followed by a reconciliation scene complete with the Pharaoh witnessing the touching moment in the background. Seriously, with her “do-it-again-ism” this little girl is far more demanding than all my ex clients and lecturers combined.

I think to myself surely I am made for more than this, am I not? I could have done many other more important things with my time. And I need a break, really. Just how I wish I could lock myself up, put up my legs on the sofa, sip some kopi-peng and plug in the snuggest earpieces I could find so I wouldn’t have to hear the girls.


Yet another thought hits back.

O woman, you are at ground zero of living out what it means to imitate Christ. For back then it could have been when the Master was needing rest did the disciples rebuked the people for bringing children to Him, so that He might bless them. But rather than shutting Himself out of the crowd and taking the rest His body needed for many other more important works waiting for Him, the Scripture recorded that

Jesus said “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them.” . . . And He took them in His arms and blessed them, laying His hands on them. (Mark 10:14-16)

Children are never too unimportant for Christ, and He is never too tired for them.

So over with your kopi-peng. Instead, down on your knees and ask for the love, strength and joy to go on loving and blessing your little girls. Yes, even if it means touring the house with the baby in your arms, and get another Joseph drawing done.

Nothing could have been more important at the moment.

*Days later I found out that the seemingly meaningless copies of those Joseph drawing turned out to be a process of repetitive observation for the Big Missy. By requesting it repeatedly, she was actually trying to copy the drawing herself, which she finally did.
Found this in her drawing pad some days after. =)