Social Media: You Have One Voice

There are many valid evidences to convince one about the harm brought about by the social media of our days. From being a platform for dangerous indulgence of narcissism (‘Selfie obsessed’ teenager Danny Bowman suicidal after failing to capture ‘the perfect selfie’) to extreme cases of cyber bullying (Bullied teen kills herself in front of her family), or from facilitating hate speeches and fake news circulation (as seen rampant in Indonesia recently) to actually enabling extremists promote their ideology and radicalize others (Indonesia woman planning to be suicide bomber worked in Singapore).

Let’s just say that there are 1001 voices out there, in and through the social media. The wise will exercise caution in filtering and digesting their information consumption, no doubt. Some will do well by distancing themselves from it altogether.

But every user has one voice. Among the 1001, there may be some true, good, and helpful contents; there must be. And where else will such voices come from if not from the fingertips of those who know the truth, the good and what is helpful?

Every one of us is entrusted with a voice. Let truth, hope and love be sounded in the polluted streams of information of our days. For we are living in the days when the world can be made a better (or worse) place from behind the keyboard.

“Finally, let all whom God has entrusted with the talent of writing well on theology, take heed to not hide it in a napkin or bury it in the earth. Never was there a time when there was greater need of good thinking and writing to counteract the floods of error, which are coming now from a thousand sources.

Never was there a time when the effect of good writing was so extensive.

By unprecedented means we have opportunity to circulate truth and opinion throughout the world. If godly men sleep, there is no doubt that the enemy will sow his tares plentifully.

Let the friends of truth, therefore, be watchful and wise, and on the alert to seize opportunities to enlighten the world with the pure doctrines of the word of God.”
– Archibald Alexander, 1837

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