5 Years

Honey and Spice; that was our initial expectation of how marriage life would be like. That it would have its sweet-as-honey times, and many unpredictable moments with flavors not necessarily sweet yet rich as the spices. With this idea in mind we produced our own pre-wedding photobook.

Few months into it, we discovered that marriage life was not all that flavorful. It was but mostly tasteless, to our dismay. You know, you don’t buy flowers and chocolate very often (it’s neither good for your wallet nor your waistline), your heart doesn’t always go skipping one beat and you don’t even have that much of a fight; you just go about your days living your ordinary life and not the Korean dramas.

Thankfully, the unrealized expectation led us to a more accurate way of viewing (or tasting) marriage life. It’s not that marriage is not sweet or spicy, but its sweetness and spiciness are to be savored in the consistency of its blandness.

To draw the analogy to our bodily function, what we perceived before the wedding was the adrenaline. Once married, we realized that we are still living primarily on the constant cardiac beat, made exciting by occasional adrenaline moments.

As is the case with plain water and plain rice – things which are our staple needs; it takes perseverance and gratefulness to appreciate how its blandness is what makes a marriage life bearable, and its flavorful moments memorable.

Marriage is not going to change an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. But the fact that our marriage is still intact, that we are still waking up next to our spouse, serves as evidence to how our everyday, though plain as it may be, is graced with blessings from above. Before we knew it, this marriage has become a cherished bond we cannot live without.

Celebrating anniversary while revisiting this album is definitely one of our sweet moments, one that is filled with knowing giggles too. 🙂

(Song: 最重要的決定 by Fan Wei Qi)

We were young couple in our twenties, with limited budget, wishing to marry. A DIY pre-wedding photobook was actually a money-saving alternative because getting a professional out there to do it would have cost us a bomb. To compensate for the absence of professional photography skill and fancy gowns, we created a theme with storyline and made do with whatever props we had free access to. The intention was to shift the focus of the album from being a photography artwork to a personal and creative work.
We owed big thanks to two of our friends, Shirleen for the make-up and Michael for the photo taking, this project was made possible only with their helping hands.

That's us! Happily married for 5 years and counting. :)

That’s us! Happily married for 5 years and counting. 🙂

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