Place to Visit: Cibalung Happy Land

In our home-preschool curriculum, we put a heavy emphasis on nature exploration, because we believe the relationship between human and nature is a natural and essential one, and both need each other to ensure the sustainable well-being of both sides. Last March, we had a chance to visit Bogor for our family vacation this year. As Bogor is well-known for its agrotourism sites, we of course took the opportunity to expose and introduce the girls to various nature related experiences.

Cibalung Happy Land was in our itinerary for “children and nature” activity, its vast land of six hectares is in essence a large farming site. It offers a wide range of good old days farming experiences such as handling and feeding the rabbits, chasing after the ducks (do get ready to get muddy dirty), milking the cows, giving the buffalos a good rub-a-dub-dub, catching/feeding the fish, planting the paddy field and plowing with the buffalos, planting fruits and vegetables, and a long list of other nature related activities, at very affordable rates, they even conduct cooking classes! Besides such activities, Cibalung Happy Land also provides villas for stay and camping tents. Do check out their website for a comprehensive list of activities and their price.

We reached there late in the morning and it was raining, so we were told that all programs would re-commence after lunchtime. There were two groups of school children filling the otherwise serene place with bursts of cheerings and laughters. Apart from those students, we were the only guests that day. While waiting for the rain to stop, we had lunch at the in house restaurant. One may choose to be seated in the restaurant with dining table and chairs or in the huts ala ‘lesehan’ – bare-footed and seated on the wooden floor with low table.

Sipping some avocado juice while waiting for our lunch at the ‘lesehan’ corner.

Thankfully, the sky cleared up when we were done with lunch. We parked our stroller at the marketing office as the landscape was not stroller friendly. Together with the in-house guide, we proceeded with our mini adventure. First, the Big Nona went for a tandem “Flying Fox” ride with Daddy. She came down pale 😂.

Tandem Flying Fox with Daddy.

It’s our first time spotting an Indonesian avocado tree.

An authentic feeling of being at a farm village.

We then continued with strawberry planting, where the staff guided the Big Nona in simple way on how to grow strawberry. She was expecting to see lots of strawberries to pick and eat, we only found one, which she ate right there and then!

This pot of strawberry plant was for us to bring home, it’s too bad we had to leave it in Jakarta because we couldn’t be bringing it onto the plane back to Singapore.

Strawberry, fresh from the stem!

The next activity was milking the cow. We met a bull, a cow, a 9 month old calf and two buffalos in the stable. We were given a cup to fill, after the staff explained and showed us how to milk the cow, Big Nona was encouraged to try milking herself. She was initially reluctant but when she did try and managed to squeeze out some milk from the cow’s udder, she was quite proud of herself. This activity came with two complementary glasses of pasteurized home-produced milk for our collection at the restaurant afterwards.

“Of course I know milk comes from cows. White milk from the white cows and chocolate milk from the brown ones.”

We continued with fish catching where five fishes were released into an ankle-deep pool of water for the Big Nona to catch and transfer into a bucket. These fishes were for us to bring home but we gave them away to the staff since we couldn’t possibly be cooking them in the hotel room.

She managed to catch one herself!

We had “Fun with the Rabbits” coming afterwards. It was literally a session of cuteness overload! Just look at all those furry buns!

The admission ticket cost IDR15,000 per person with complementary admission to its waterpark for the month’s special promotion. Splashing and floating in the waterpark was definitely the perfect way to complete the fun of the day. The toilets, bathrooms and changing rooms were quite clean, but were traditional (with squating toilets and pails of water). There was no water heater and the girls were screaming from the chills. Oh, city kids!

“Splash and play! What a great way to end the day!”

We had a wonderful time here at Cibalung Happy Land. There are sooo many activities we have yet to explore, we’ll be happy to come back again! 🙂

Cibalung Happy Land
Jl. Cihideung, Cibalung, Cijeruk,
Bogor, Jawa Barat 16740, Indonesia

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