Place to Visit: Kuntum Farmfield

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This is one of the agrotourism sites in Bogor. Located not far away from the city area, Kuntum Farmfield is a popular destination for students, especially kindergarteners, to learn about and interact with farm animals.

They house cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, fishes and tortoises. They also offer various organic vegetables which guests can harvest themselves and purchase.

The town kid and the cow seemed to be very curious about each other.

To her, Guinea pigs look like the big cousins of hamsters’.

Rabbit face!

Apart from harvesting, other main attractions of Kuntum are animals feeding and fish catching. All the animals food are priced at IDR5,000 per pack with the exception of cow’s milk which costs IDR10,000 per bottle for bottle-feeding the calf. Fish catching, however, is an activity more suitable for larger group of children in which twenty live fishes are put in an ankle-deep pool for the children to scoop and transfer to a pail. These fishes can then be brought home for cooking. Fish catching is priced at IDR100,000. The admission fee is IDR40,000 per person.

Town kid meets the real chickens, uncooked and without cling wrap and styrofoam.

Thanks to the generous teachers, the Big Nona got to join in the fun of the kindergarten group’s fish catching activity. She didn’t manage to catch any, but these older kids are so friendly they put their fish into her basket whenever they caught one. And it just so happened that she was wearing blue too! 😀

For a place where so many farm animals were housed, Kuntum was surprisingly clean with very accessible pathway (we had no problem moving around with a baby stroller). The bathrooms and shower rooms were clean too, although without water heaters. They also provide free farmer’s hat, known locally as “Caping” for guests to wear.

For city kids like ours, it’s a rare experience to get to meet these animals up-close. Even though the Young Nona spent half of the trip napping, the girls were very excited and had the most fun interacting with those animals directly. I guess nothing beats seeing, hearing and touching the real things. 🙂

Kuntum Farmfield
Jalan Raya Tajur No.291, Sindangrasa, Bogor Timur,
Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16145, Indonesia

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