We See the Present Clearly But God Sees the First and Last

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong once noted that God’s brilliant wisdom is manifested in His creation. I think it is a claim that begets the loudest “Amen” from two groups of people: the scientists and the parents. The latter being the group that I am in.

One should not be overwhelmed by the challenges that parenthood brings without at the same time being awed by the revelation of God’s nature. In entrusting infants and little children to adult humans, God is showing more of Himself.

The above line which I use as the title of this post, is taken from the song “Trust His Heart” by Babbie Mason. As I sang this song during the worship last Sunday, this particular line caught my heart. And my mind immediately went to my own kids, a 4 year-old and a 21 month-old. That was just the perfect line to describe what our relationship is like.

Young children are people with underdeveloped brains. The reason to why our toddlers stuff the whole bag of cookies into their tiny mouths at unbelievable speed, and why our preschoolers keep asking when we tell them “WAIT,” is this: they have a prefrontal cortexes that are barely developed. Which means, they have little (if any) ability to ponder the future, or to put it simply, they are always living in the present, in the forever right now.

Do not expect these little ones to appreciate the fact that the broccoli we set before them now will send them into the right track of healthy eating lifestyle in the future, or that the scary jabs we now put them through will protect them from catastrophic illnesses for years to come, or that the disciplines we insist on them presently will mould them into responsible and civilized adults.

It makes no sense, because biologically they can only see the present. But it makes full sense, because we see what they can not see. So we keep telling them, “Trust Mommy, Mommy knows best.”

God, as a Father Himself, has designed parenthood to display His own relationship with His children. We see the present clearly but He sees the first and the last. So when we can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.

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