Little Nonas’ Nature Finds: Batoko Plums

Among our morning walk’s activities is picking ripe Batoko plums (Flacourtia inermis). The plants are abundant in our neighborhood and both the nonas love to gather the fallen fruits due to their bright red color, which resemble cherries. “Let’s go cherry hunting!” we used to say, before we knew what its name is.

Commonly known as Tome-Tome or Lobi-Lobi in Indonesia, it’s a native plant of the Philippines. Its tree may grow up to 15 meters with round shiny fruits produced in bunches. The fruits turn from light green to a deep red color upon ripening.

The girls have been really curious about the plum’s taste, so there they go, fresh from the tree!

“It’s super sour, Mommy!”

Info source: Wikipedia

Singapore, 03 May 2017

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