Little Nonas’ Nature Finds: Rubber Seed and Saga Seed

Today’s finding: a rubber seed (Hevea brasiliensis) and five saga seeds (Adenanthera pavonina) to add into our existing collection.

These beautiful and glossy red beads are a natural attraction to children. Every once in a while, when the girls get bored of the playgrounds, we will go on saga seeds hunting across the road. There seems to be a lot of fun in every “Aha! Found one!”

Being scarlet red and often heart-shaped, an interesting trivia to saga seed is, it has long been symbol of love in China. It is known as ” xiang si dou” (相思豆) in Chinese, translated as “mutual love bean”.

As for rubber seeds, our little nonas’ grandfather will sometimes tell of his own childhood, where he and his friends used to play many childhood games using these seeds in ‘kampung’. Do you know of such games or even play one yourself?

Singapore, 03 May 2017

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