The God Who Cares

Today five years ago, I was heavily pregnant with our first daughter and my due date was 2 days away. Like any first time mom-to-be, I dreaded the labor process and child-birth pain the most. I had read and heard much about the experience, but with every story, it just didn’t get any less frightening. I told God my worries and fear, and He answered me.

The message was delivered to my inbox that morning,

This morning listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus speak, “I will help you. It is a small thing for me, your God to help you. Consider what I have already done. What! Not help you! I died for you. Since I have done the greater, will I not do less? Your requests are nothing compared with what I am willing to give. You need much, but it is nothing for me to grant your needs. Help you? Fear not! I will help you.” – Spurgeon

I read His reassuring words at 9 in the morning and my labor started that afternoon at 1. It was a very long labor but things went well and our daughter was born at 3:23 a.m. Both mom and baby were healthy.

That was not the only occasion when God demonstrated His care for me, for He had always been helping me before.

When we knew that we were going to have a baby, we knew we needed a home here in Singapore, something that was financially beyond our means. But God provided through the seemingly unrelated previous financial decisions.

Then, there was the due date. We needed to move into that home in time before the baby was out, but we had no idea that purchasing a flat in Singapore actually took months (it’s not like in Indonesia where you pay today and move in as and when you like), so we did not factor in the time when looking for a flat. By the time we started looking, the timing was already very tight. But God caused us to find a flat in time through what seemed like a coincidence. I literally moved into our new home right from the hospital bed with our new baby. With all the renovation and furnitures deliveries going on, one day early would have been greatly inconvenient.

God’s generous help did not end then, I can go on and on for His care stretches far ahead. To venture to write all of them would be attempting the impossible.

Whenever I think about it; He answered me! He helped me! Could you imagine that?

An all-powerful God who flung galaxies into existence, the Intelligent Designer behind every chain of DNAs, would bother Himself with the trivialities of human? That the Maker of Heaven and earth, the Creator of every law of physics and chemistry does care personally for me is something I can never fully wrap my mind around, not five years after, not in all eternity.

That is not all, there’s one more truth that is truly mind-boggling: the same Almighty who spoke the universe into reality, whose voice the storms obeyed, had once come down to earth, had lived as a man among men, had died a cursed death on a tree, in order that whichever human believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

None is like God in His greatness, and none has ever cared like He does. Help you? He gave His life for you! Of course He will help you! Trust Him today with your soul, trust Him with your life, trust Him also with your daily cares big and small.