Hi and welcome to Bring the Love Home !

I am Yosetine, a Bible-believing Christian, an Indonesian born Chinese and am currently residing in Singapore. I am happily married to Ferdinan, and we are blessed with two very lively daughters, Kana and Mila. I am passionate about life, parenthood, food and arts among other things. I also love to write, hence this blog.

I started this blog in my first year of parenthood, along with my struggle in joyfully cultivating our home as my (then and now) main vocation. My own upbringing and educational background did not prepare me for a stay-at-home motherhood. So when I first started, it was difficult to envision a home-based, family-focused and non cash generating career could actually be meaningful or joyful. Things I was doing, loved doing, and dreamed of doing had nothing to do with homemaking and child care. In short, it was difficult to bring the love home.

But as time unfolded, I have found new ‘loves’ in the art of homemaking. The freedom that ‘unemployment’ affords and the needs of the family have opened the door to many new things worth pursuing. Cooking, baking, home decorating, reading, writing, teaching, exploring and studying the nature; the list is by no means exhaustive. Things I knew nothing about and didn’t know I could do. G. K. Chesterton was right when he said that domesticity is not meant to keep women narrow but to keep them broad.

This blog serves primarily as a record of my thoughts and journey in the quest for joy in homemaking. I write about achieving that goal, about discovering and experiencing the joy in store for me in the home. I write not as one who knows it all. And I hope to learn as I write and to write as I learn. God willing, may it serve others too in their quest to bring their love home.

Lastly, our decision to have me stay at home with the kids for now is a conviction directed one. We thank God for the privilege of getting to choose. Our choice is not superior to that of families whose both parents are required to be in the workforce in order to serve the needs of their families. And our respect and prayers go to these families, especially to the mothers. Their burden is heavy. May the Lord Himself uphold these mothers and bless them twice as much.

All said, let’s bring the love home!

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